You need to be able to trust your renovator

It’s very important who you hire to do the work in your Atlanta home and here’s why: After three months, we are going to know more about you than just about anyone else. Unlike your accountant or stockbroker, our work crew will be a part of your daily life in and around your home. As we remodel your home, we will be included in the routines of your personal life, much more so than your doctor or lawyer. In the first week on the job, you may rush to be showered and dressed before our crew arrives. But, take it from our experience, after just a few days, you’ll meet us in the morning wearing your bathrobe and slippers, treating us like warm, old friends. We’ll even know where the dog treats are for Skipper.

You trust your doctor and your accountant. You trust your lawyer and your stockbroker. Make sure you can trust your remodeling contractor. John Rogers Renovations is a state-licensed and insured remodeling specialist. We are an award-winning design/build firm in business since 1996. And read our customer’s testimonials; I know you’ll find that we have the integrity, honesty and down-home character to be faithful with the privacy of your life.

The Homeowner's Emotional Roller CoasterWe understand the disruption to your family’s life, daily schedule and routine. As the accompanying graph shows, you’ll go through lots of emotional highs and lows during your renovation. We make every effort to make the process as easy as possible:

  • We keep you aware of scheduling on a weekly and daily basis. Who will be working at your home? What will they be doing?
  • You will never have to meet a sub-contractor at your home and show them what to do. We meet everyone upon their first visit and walk them through the job.
  • If there is ever a problem, you have one person to call, your John Rogers’ project manager. Your project manager is responsible for bringing our ideas to life and managing your expectations along the way.
  • You will never receive an invoice with even the smallest surprise amount. Anything that is not included in the original contract is always discussed in advance.
  • We continually strive for delivering perfection, yes perfection. However we know that things don’t always work out as planned. You never have to come up with a solution. That’s our job, and it’s our job to make anything right if you are not happy with … anything. Most clients say that we are pickier than they are.