Biloxi MS, November 2005

There was a Volunteer work team helping an elderly couple clean and sanitize their home. Their home had been flooded by Katrina in August and had not received any assistance until this church group came to remove all of the molded furniture, carpet, drywall and all of their personnel effects that had been destroyed by the storm. The couple was still living in the mold infested home. The Team Leader and the homeowner were standing in the front yard talking when the homeowner said he had to confess something. He began to tell the Team Leader that he and his wife had made a pact that if things did not improve soon that they were going to commit suicide together. The Team Leader was shocked but replied, I am so glad that we could be here to help, I am glad you called the church and got on our list. The homeowner said, what list? What church? The Team Leader said the list of people that need help…I have a work order right here in my truck. He went to retrieve the work order only to find…they were at the wrong house…or were they.