Dear Friends,

Wow! The Holidays have passed, everyone is back to work and my whole family is in Gautier, Mississippi. Gautier (pronounced Go-shay), is east of Ocean Springs and just 5 miles from the church. We are settled in (mostly); Emily and Molly start school on Tuesday; Maddy and Sara started pre-school this past Tuesday. We were very blessed to find out someone made a donation to pay for the majority of the cost for the little girls to go to pre-school at St. Paul. Molly and Emily are plugged into the high school program at church and were made to feel very welcome. They also took turns going to work with me and now understand even better why I am so excited about being here. The local YMCA had given all of the staff of CORE (that’s me) a free membership to the Y and Molly is already on the local USA Swim team there. My wife has had a real treat of not having to cook dinner because the church serves 3 meals a day to all of the CORE volunteers.

This past Monday was our first day back to work and we were not surprised when a 18-wheeler with 8,000 sq. ft. of carpet and 720 boards of drywall arrived, even though at first we did not know who sent it. It was a donation from someone in California and an answered prayer. You see, I (and several friends) had been praying for a 18 wheeler full of sheetrock over the holidays. When the carpet arrived, as an added bonus, I did not have anyone that needed carpet. The next day someone came in looking for carpet. Then, we were in need of a carpet installer; one arrived two days later. Saturday, a group from Roswell began delivering the drywall to 6 different homes. The recipients are single mothers who cannot afford any of the materials needed to rebuild their homes.

The stories that we hear and experience are far to numerous for me to share all of them but this one is a must. There was a home in Biloxi being cleaned by another church. The homeowners were in there 70’s and upon completion the gentleman was thanking the crew leader for a job well done. He also shared that they had been so disturbed by the devastation to their home, and the aftermath, that he and his wife had made a pact that if things were not better by a certain date they were going to take their own lives. The crew leader expressed how glad he was that the homeowners had called the church and asked for help, the homeowner replied that they had not called the church. The crew leader looked at the work order and realized they were at the wrong home; they should have cleaned the neighbors’ home. We hear and experience stories such as this on almost a daily basis.

I really want to thank all of you who have supported this mission trip. We would not be here if it were not for your very generous support. I am very, very fortunate to be a part of what God is doing here.

Please check out the CORE website, We would love for you to come join us for a weekend or a week; we have work for all skill levels and are great need of your help.

Please feel free to distribute this email, as you feel led. If you are monthly supporter of this ministry, please send in your January support (this would be your 3rd month of support). All tax-deductible contributions should be sent to:

St. Paul UMC
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Memo Line: John Rogers Ministries (**This part is very important**)

Thanks again for your prayers and support of this effort to help rebuild Mississippi.

The Rogers Family