Date: February 21, 2006

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to express my support and that of the Jackson County Children’s Coalition for CORE and the grant they hope to receive. CORE has proven to be a valuable asset to the recovery and rebuilding phase from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. To this date CORE has organized and facilitated the necessary logistics in bringing over 3,000 volunteers to help in the recovery efforts in Jackson County with many more volunteers to come in the ensuing months. In the aftermath of the largest natural disaster to hit the United States, CORE, with Mr. Malkemes, Eric Cummings and John Rogers’s leadership, has proven to be an invaluable resource within our county. The service CORE provides is professional, reliable and sensitive to the victims of Katrina. CORE’s response has been quick and decisive. They assessed the situation and immediately began to locate the resources that are necessary for such an undertaking. I have witnessed the training volunteers receive upon their arrival, the coordination of efforts, and the follow-up once the task is completed. A number of volunteer and faith based organizations are beginning to shut down operations six months into the aftermath of this catastrophe. Fortunately, CORE is moving in the opposite direction. They are building their resources and volunteer base to continue with the long term rebuilding process which is vital for the health of our communities.

As the Medical/Mental Health Branch Director for the Unified Command of Jackson and the Executive Director of the Jackson County Children’s Coalition it is my task to assist agencies in coordinating a variety of services. I fully support CORE’s outreach efforts on the Mississippi gulf coast. CORE has proven to be an outstanding, valuable, and crucial partner as the long process of rebuilding continues on the coast. We fully support CORE’s efforts as they support the citizens of Jackson County and surrounding areas in this most difficult time.

James M. Yancey Jr.
Executive Director/ JCCC
Medical/Mental Health Brach Director/Unified Command/JC5