In a small town in Mississippi I learned that torrential rain falls…on the sinners and the saints. I learned answered prayer…sometimes looks like a bunch of Methodists in a white van. I learned hope…springs eternal. I learned a smile on a face worn out by life…is a blessing like no other. I learned our expectations…do not limit God’s results. I learned that being home again…is what everyone wants. I learned sometimes we are on the giving end and sometimes on the receiving end…of the five loaves and two fish. I learned that the color orange…glows in the dark. I learned God understands…where we can only question. I learned sheetrock…does not naturally occur in nature. I learned a church that stepped out in faith…provided a blessing. I learned about giving from people…who only had love to give. I learned sometimes God’s hands and feet…are covered in boots and gloves. I learned that sometimes when God calls…we need to be in a coverage area. I learned angels…know how to cook. I learned theme music…helps soothe tired bones. I learned God saves us all…one starfish at a time. I learned tents and trailers are home…when that is all you have.