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second_drywallSixty-seven thousand homes were damaged in Mississippi, 25% had insurance that paid for repairs. The people in Pearlington, Mississippi are JUST NOW getting water service restored to their homes. Prior to the storm, a home usually was a wood framed house or mobile home. Now people live in FEMA trailers, PODS, tents, storage buildings, and cars. In Gulf Park Estates (Ocean Springs), there are approximately 600 homes. 40% still do not have drywall in them. Approximately 50 no longer exist and at least 3 still have the windows boarded up (no one has been in yet). In the St. Andrews area (Ocean Springs), there are around 2800 homes. 40% do not have drywall, 20% have heavy structural damage, and 50-60 no longer exist. In Porto Bay, there are 250 homes with 75% not having drywall, 40% heavy damage, and 25% gone. There is one house that was lifted from its pylons by the rising water, rotated 180 degrees and sat on the ground. All of their possessions are still inside and home remains where the water sat it to this day. Also interesting, the pylons that it sat on are 12 ft tall…the home is half a mile from the water. Domestic violence, DUI, aggravated assault are all up 120% since the storm. There are over 45 FEMA trailer cities in Jackson, Hancock, and Harrison counties (Gulf Coast), each with 40-100 FEMA trailers. You can not appreciate the enormity of the task that still lays ahead unless you come visit. A friend visited a few months ago and could not believe “How little” had been done since the storm. However, that just shows how big the job was to start with.

Compiled by John Rogers (Phone: 770.327.1299 Email: John gave up his Woodstock, GA business and volunteered for one-year as construction manager at CORE in Ocean Springs, MS. He is available to speak about his extraordinary experiences to your group or Sunday School. Contact D.A.R.E. or John directly to schedule a time.