John and Niki Roger
2325 Tradewinds Drive
Gautier, MS 39553


Dear Friends,

I am writing this letter from our temporary home in Gautier (Go-shay), MS, just East of Ocean Springs. My family has temporarily relocated here from Woodstock, GA and is working with C.O.R.E. to help rebuild this area devastated by Katrina.

We were all captivated by the images that we saw on TV back in August, the incredible stories of survival, loss of life and damage to homes and cities. My family was glued to the TV as they announced that New Orleans had survived, Waveland was decimated, and storm had stretched across nearly 400 miles of coastline. I felt a calling to go to Mississippi, to take donations and see if I could find a place to use my skills in construction. I was fortunate, through a series of “interesting events” to get connected with C.O.R.E. back in September and I am now in charge of coordinating all volunteer operations with the rebuilding effort. We provide our skilled labor at no charge and the homeowners need only to provide the materials. We currently have over 180 homes on the re-build list, the average project will take 6 months and there are currently 10 projects working. There are also still over 135 homes still to be cleaned and sanitized, some not yet touched since the storm.

We are very thankful for the donations and prayers that support this ministry. The work is physically and emotionally very demanding. The hours are long and the days off are few and far between. However, I have never felt so fulfilled in my work. The people we work for are so very appreciative, the volunteers who come to serve have such a generous spirit and the staff is completely committed to doing everything with excellence. I am truly fortunate to be here.

We have had some amazing donations of materials in the last week of drywall and carpet. However, we are in great need of drywall finishers, R-13 insulation and 12-2 electrical wire.

If you wish to support this mission trip please send you donations to:

St. Paul UMC
Attn: Paulette Baudry
P.O. Box 909
Ocean Springs, MS 39530

Memo Line: John Rogers Ministries (** This part is very important **)

If you wish to donate to C.O.R.E. for materials for homeowners who cannot afford to buy their own, please send your donations to:

C/O ST. Paul UMC
6717 Beinville Blvd
Ocean Springs, MS 39564

Memo Line:Materials for homes (** This part is very important **)

Thank you for considering contributing to this ministry and C.O.R.E. Unlike other organizations there are no administration costs with C.O.R.E. Any donation to our mission trip or C.O.R.E. will be used 100% for it’s purpose and is tax deductible.

The Rogers Family
Missionaries to Mississippi