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Mind The Gap: Your Remodeling Advocate

Completing a professional remodeling project is a process that involves a multitude of people. From the homeowners, to the designer, the project manager, electrician, tile artisan, inspector, plumber and so on and so forth. Possibly the biggest advantage of design/build remodeling is that all of these people and tasks are managed under one roof. In the John Rogers Renovations’ office the design takes shape, the plans are drawn and the execution in the field is precisely managed.

Without the central and strategic management that the JRR team provides, like the brain to a body, the separate functions and people involved in a renovation would operate without a cohesive strategy. The more people involved in a project, the more potential there is for “gaps.” Gaps are places for error and missed opportunities. Gaps exist in communication consistency, division of responsibilities, investment amount, function of a specific space, creativity in execution and value in engineering.

Who’s Minding Your Project Gaps?


Managing these gaps in a multi-faceted remodel is a tremendous undertaking that can be run very efficiently by experienced remodeling firm, or managed haphazardly by untrained homeowners or inexperienced contractors. For these reasons many people turn to a professional design/build remodeling firm like John Rogers Renovations to skillfully and proficiently manage their renovations. JRR makes sure the gaps are minded, managed and handled.

Interestingly, and maybe surprisingly, there is a larger reason that clients appreciate working with JRR that many don’t realize until their project has begun. John and the JRR team are a homeowner’s best advocates.

Without a remodeling advocate, the responsibility is on the homeowner to oversee the quality of the work being performed and the adherence to the design. But there is a lot involved in the phases of construction that an inexperienced individual would miss. The JRR project managers stay up to date on all code requirements, and the ever-changing best practice construction methods through continuing education so they can ensure they are used on each and every aspect of every single job.

The JRR team inspects everything every subcontractor has done, and if it is not up to their strict standards, JRR makes them fix it before the client even sees it. John Rogers believes it is his team’s job to make sure no subcontractor takes the path of least resistance, instead that they operate at their highest level.

Managing the gaps in a remodeling project and having an advocate is a service not many clients know they need until they are in the midst of their remodel. John Rogers Renovations clients can rest assured it’s a service they have – before, during and even after their renovation is complete.

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